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Electroplated Diamond Wheel And Product Electroplated Diamond Wheel And Product
It is used in electrolysis, where the whetstone is considered as the cathode and Nickel is considered as the anode, and also in the methods for fixing the diamond abrasive coating on the metal surface by the so-called plating.
Sharp and even processing is possible on the electro coated products.
Since it can be electroplated on objects with atypical shapes, it has variety of applications.
As compared to metal wheels, it can be manufactured at a low cost and in a short period.
Since the wheel can be re-generated after usage, it can be used again and again.
(However, it is limited only to the cases where there are no abnormalities in the metal, such as scratches, etc.)
Used in electro-diamond whetstone for centering, edging and chamfering of the lens of camera, projector, etc.
It has wide range of application.
Variations in Bond (bonding agent)
Selection can be done on the basis of work material, processing conditions, etc.

Product Standards

Electroplated Diamond Wheel And Product
Hole Diameter
(φJ) 50mm
External diameter
Base Thickness
(E) 8mm
Grain size #40~#1,500

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Specifications shall be customized.
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