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Diamond Cup Wheel Diamond Cup Wheel
The metal bond consisting of copper alloy series, cobalt series, iron alloy series or bonding agents made from other metals.
The retention of the abrasive coating is high and they have excellent cutting and abrasion resistance.
Phenol resin, Polyimide resin, and resinoid bond that is an organic bond comprising mainly of heat resistant hardened molecular compound.
The processing efficiency is high and the surface quality of the work piece can be highly improved by finishing the rough surface.
Used in rough grinding of the spherical surface of lens and in diamond whetstone for grinding.
Can be used for rough grinding and grinding of various materials, including quartz.
* Please use it for wet grinding.
Variations in Bond (bonding agent)
Metal bond : More than 20 categories
Resinoid bond : More than 10 categories
Also vitriphyde bond, CBD bond etc.
Selection can be done on the basis of work material, processing machine, processing conditions, etc.

Product Standards

Diamond Cup Wheel
φD(mm) φ0.5~φ350
X(Height) 3mm~15mm
Grain size #40~#8000

* For detailed specification of the diamond tools, please inquire our Sales rep.

* Size and specifications shall be customized. Please consult for your requirements.

The shanks are customizable to fit your processing machine.
Please inquire about the unit price, delivery deadline and other specifications.

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